High Value On-site or Virtual Bespoke Training & Seminars
High Value On-site or Virtual Bespoke Training & Seminars

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Coaching & Mentoring - These are two very distinctly different services. Coaching is all about helping you (or a group) develop as an individual and/or team through facilitating the required changes within them. Helping them to help themselves. Mentoring involves providing specific advice and guidance to a person/group based on the mentors' actual professional experience, competencies and skills. Some clients want and benefit from a blend of the two. Others need just one or the other based on personal requirements.

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The approach is to focus on your individual needs and goals, or that of your team (be they business skills/issue focused such as sales or managing people, or career path related for example). Sessions can be ‘one off’ engagements or a longer program of interventions based on a continual process of assessment, goal setting, actions and back to assessment. Individual coaching takes place in the comfort of your home, your office or any other quiet place you would prefer. Individual sessions are ideal when held two to four times a month. Team sessions benefit from monthly interventions. We’ve found that these frequencies allow us to properly track and support the progress of your plans.



Client requirements vary greatly, but typical cost range is £750 to £1,200 for a 4 session course. Some customers who see the benefit of a more extended relationship (e.g. ongoing help with sales performance, team productivity, customer satisfaction etc.) prefer a 'monthly retainer' based approach as a more economical option.

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How Does The Service Work & How Long is The Process?

Coaching deals with an intentional change within you and/or your team. This does not typically happen from one day to the next. Some coaching clients make coaching an integral part of their life. But perhaps right now you are only seeking help in a specific situation. That’s fine.


Mentoring is more about direct guidance and advice, so can be provided in a very flexible format to suit your needs and budget.

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"Just wanted to thank you for the preparation and delivery that you put into our Team event. Our objectives for the day were certainly met and the feedback has been really positive. As a result there was a real sense of commitment to achieve a major milestone that Glen and I have set for the team...."

Maria Sarkar

Vice President

DriveWorks Ltd.




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