High Value On-site or Virtual Bespoke Training & Seminars
High Value On-site or Virtual Bespoke Training & Seminars

Interim Management - Fulfilling that critical role when you need it, for as long as you need it


We can provide you with cost-effective temporary management resource and skills to support you in managing a period of transition, crisis or change within your organisation. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and provide what you need.


Value Proposition of Your Interim Manager

  1. Return On Investment. Skills and expertise to help you deliver an outcome, solution, service or mitigate risk.
  2. Expertise. Bringing you the skills and knowledge to address a specific skills gap or problem.
  3. Objectivity. Unencumbered by company politics or culture, bringing you a fresh perspective and able to concentrate honestly on what's best for your business.
  4. Accountability. Taking responsibility for and managing a business project or assignment for you. Providing you with peace of mind.
  5. Effectiveness. Operating with gravitas, authority and credibility. Actively adding value to your organisation.
  6. Commitment. Bringing you high professional standards. Because future work relies upon referrals and a successful track record, Interim Management from 'Liam Moran & Associates' means us having a stake in the success of the assignments that are undertaken.

 “Liam is an effective and credible professional who can contribute what is needed in order to achieve business objectives. He made a major contribution in helping develop a credible sales strategy with clear definition of the offer and value. I valued his support in building and strengthening customer relationships."

John Holton, Director, Cogent SSC



“Liam is an extremely competent senior manager and had responsibility for a number of key areas. His ability to lead and coach our immediate and broader team to deliver against challenging objectives was consistently high. He possesses sufficient gravitas for other Executives and Senior Management to accept him as lead on a number of business initiatives. Liam was an extremely valued colleague and could be trusted to act with integrity and use his expertise to get the right results. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Liam again.”

Ian Brotherston, Chairman – Premier Mobile

"Just wanted to thank you for the preparation and delivery that you put into our Team event. Our objectives for the day were certainly met and the feedback has been really positive. As a result there was a real sense of commitment to achieve a major milestone that Glen and I have set for the team...."

Maria Sarkar

Vice President

DriveWorks Ltd.




- Communication Skills

- Personal Performance

- Team Performance

- Team Communications

- Management & Leadership

- Customer Service & Retention

- Sales & Negotiation Skills

- Organisational Culture

- Employee Engagement 

- Business Writing Skills

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